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TechHire Miami

In March of 2015 the White House launched the TechHire Initiative, a Multi-Sector Effort and Call to Action to Give Americans Pathways to Well-Paying Technology Jobs.

In the fall of 2015 Rick Beasley and Arnie Girnun traveled to a White House Summit where the TechHire Initiative, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Labor, released a Grant for Applications supported by $100M in funding.

Rick Beasley and Arnie Girnun are co-chairing the TechHire Miami initiative, leading public sector organizations and private sector organizations, to join forces for the grant and fulfill the mission to Give Americans Pathways to Well-Paying Technology Jobs. Community leaders in Miami along with CareerSource South Florida and the Miami-Dade County Office of Management and Budget will be working together to apply for this ground breaking opportunity.

The core focus of this grant application will be to serve the needs of 17-29 year olds with barriers to training and employment. The target amount for the grant application will be under $4M.

Miami has already achieved a level of success. Through the ongoing leadership of CareerSource South Florida combined with innovative new training and employer engagement models Miami is already a leader in this arena. We now have the opportunity to broaden the focus and provide our increasingly diverse and growing community with greater opportunity for in demand technology careers. The foundation will be built on the following core principles:

  • Building a Sustainable Platform
  • Ensuring Measureable outcomes
  • Creating Community and employer Engagement
  • Focusing on technology skills and careers
  • Reducing barriers to training and employment

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TechHire Miami


TechHire Miami will be successful by maximizing its efficacy in targetting its core principles of building a sustainable platform, ensuring measurable outcomes, creating community and employer engagement, focusing on technology skills and careers, and reducing barriers to training and employment.

Building a Sustainable Platform

TechHire Miami will be focused on building a coalition of key partners that will work together to put the TechHire foundation in place through this grant vehicle. The Grant is not the ultimate goal, rather the key building block in having our community work more closely to align skill readiness and technology careers in a system that focuses on successful career pathways. By bringing together multiple hiring partners, community organizations, short term training providers, key community organizations and the Workforce System we can solidify this ecosystem for years to come.

Ensuring Measureable Outcomes

The TechHire Miami community will have an opportunity to leverage best practices already available through the CareerSource system to measure the impact of this effort. The system that is available will allow TechHire to measure and quantify the impact of the investment on the long term increase in income the students that enter careers will earn.

Creating Community and Employer Engagement

Having community and employer engagement will be one of the core principles of the program. Aligning career pathways to in demand careers will be essential. Additionally we will need a system that refreshes the needs of our hiring community on a regular basis so that the career preparation is kept current with the needs of employers. TechHire will work with organizations like the Beacon Council and LaunchCode to maintain a close link to employers and their needs. Additionally TechHire Miami will work closely with community organization to provide disadvantaged individuals with the resources and skills needed to work in 21st century careers.

Focusing on Technology Skills and Careers

The focus on in demand skills will be emphasize short term high impact career training. This training will be supported by a core group of Miami’s training companies that focus on career training delivered in an accelerated format and a focused on career readiness. Additional learning and career readiness tools will also be provided.

Reducing barriers to training and employment

One of the core principles of this grant is to ensure it serves as a platform for long term sustainable growth of careers for individuals with barriers to employment in high demand technology careers. The ultimate success of this grant will be to ensure we establish systems, and relationships that help reduce these barriers over time.