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We strive to increase the number of employable technical workers through the use of accelerated training programs.


Fast-track bootcamp style programs have been proven to provide the skills and certifications employers need. The below training programs are based on in demand skills identified by local employers and validated by local labor market data.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Training

Demand for Cyber Security skills is expected to be very high as there is an increasing need to protect private information from online hackers.

Looking to become a Cyber Security Professional?

Earning a diploma from TechLaunch helps students prepare to complete the certification exams needed to start their career in the IT field. Financial Aid is available.

Web Development

Coding Bootcamp

Coding bootcamps enable students to learn the most important aspects of coding and immediately apply their problem-solving skills.

Top Coding Bootcamps in Miami

Compare top coding bootcamps in Miami. Obtain the skills and knowledge needed for career opportunities in areas involving software design and development.

IT Certifications

IT Certifications

Having an IT certification will provide you with an advantage when applying for a career.

Find out about IT training and certifications

New Horizons South Florida delivers technology and business skills training, ranging from basic application and desktop productivity tools to complex and IT systems.

Summer Bootcamp

Summer Bootcamp

The TechHire Miami Bootcamp is designed to enhance the future workforce in the Information Technology Industry.

Building tech pioneers of tomorrow

Provided by CareerSource South Florida and its partner agencies, the TechHire Summer Bootcamp will focus on in demand skills which will emphasize short-term, high-impact career training.

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